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The art internship role has now been filled.  Thank you everyone who applied for the position!  We had many talented individuals to choose from and the decision was very difficult.  If the team needs any additional help I will be sure to post another journal. :)

Hello friends!

I wanted to reach out to the Deviant Art community and see if anyone would be interested in an onsite internship at Hex Entertainment.  I should mention up front that this would be an unpaid position and only require about 10 hours a week spread out in a way that best suits the persons schedule.  We would need help for about a month, potentially longer.  It is aimed more at students who are looking to see inside a game development studio, make some industry contacts and would like to get some professional experience on their resume to kick start their career.  Here are some things you would be helping us with:

- Organizing our massive database of artwork and unifying formatting of Photoshop files
- Updating documentation for the art database
- Separating elements of a flat image into layers and painting in minor missing parts.

You would be working directly with me (the art director on the project) and have access to our onsite kitchen and our Wednesday game nights.  

We are located in Lake Forest California and your own transportation is required.  For those interested please leave me a note here on DA or send an email to:

Thank you guys!


Hello friends!!

I'm really excited to announce I will have a booth at WonderCon Anaheim this year!  I'd love to meet my internet pals in person and there will be art prints for sale as well!  I'll be at booth AA-170.  Also, don't miss my amazing girlfriend Alicia Bellamy in full costume at my booth!


 See you there everyone!!!

Hello fellow Deviant Artists!

I decided to enter my Diablo 3 artwork into the Design by Humans contest.  I would really appreciate it if you could swing by their voting page and support my entry:

Thank you friends and happy art'ing!!


Hello fellow Deviant Artists!

I wanted to invite everyone over to my new Facebook page:

Everyone who likes the page will be entered to win an original sketch signed and delivered to you at the end of September!

*Sketch will be unique to the contest not shown here.

I look forward to creating something cool for the winner!  See you on Facebook friends!


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Hello fellow Deviant artists!

I hope all is well!  I wanted to ask everyone if there was any interest in some online tutoring sessions I might be able to make happen via Google Plus video chat.  There would be a few options available such as:

Introduction to Digital Painting
Advanced Digital Painting
Introduction to Digital Sculpting
Advanced Digital Sculpting

Suggestions are also welcome.  They would likely be an hour or two long and happen once a week.  I would provide private personal instructions and walk through's live with you with screen sharing via webcam and be able to answer questions and give feedback when needed. When a session is booked I will update my journal so you know my current availability.  Price is TBD.

Let me know if that interests anyone and thank you guys for your support, inspiration and encouragement!  DeviantArt Rocks!  

P.S. The tarot project is ongoing, keep an eye out for updates.  =)

Happy Art'ing!
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Well, my inbox freakin exploded on here!!  Haha!  What a spirit lifting day it was seeing all the wonderful messages and feedback.  I appreciate every last comment from everyone and I hope to stay in touch with you all as I continue to post new artwork!  I'm hoping to post some artwork I've been making for the game Rift but you guys know how that NDA stuff is, haha!

As always I must post a special thank you to:


...for suggesting Diablo 2012 by ArtofTy for the Daily Deviation.  You rock!  :highfive:

and to:


...for featuring the deviation.  Alice, thank you so much!

To everyone else who dropped by my page, thank you again.  Your comments keep me making art and trying to better myself with each new piece.  Until next journal....

I wish you happy arting!

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...and it sounds like we are on for the Livestream!

There was more than enough people interested and that is soooo cool!!  It will be a joy to get a chance to share with my Deviant Art friends and I look forward to seeing you all there!!  Here are the details:

What:  Open Q&A with artist Tyler James (Experiences working in the video game industry, preparing a portfolio, Photoshop techniques)

When:  Thursday December 15th, 8:00pm Pacific Standard Time


I'd also love to share with you all an article posted in magazine.  It was a real honor being part of such a quality publication and I encourage you to check the site out.  It's another great place to discover new artists and share work of your own!…

Thanks everyone and special thanks to Kevin of!


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...that is the question.

Hello friends!  I hope everyone is doing great!!  A lot of my buddies participate in live streams and it seemed like a great opportunity for them to answer everyone's questions regarding process and techniques and whatever else people wanted to see.  I'm wondering if anyone would want me to do a special open Q&A live stream.  I've placed a poll on my page so please let me know if that is something you would like me to do.  Due to my busy schedule and NDA contracts my live streaming will have to be limited to this.  Thanks for understanding!  

Happy Holidays Deviant Artists!

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I hope everyone is in good spirits and staying healthy!!!

I figured it was time for a little update...

I suppose the biggest recent news is the feature I received on Kotaku.  That was really a huge honor!  So thank you to whomever is responsible in the crazy chain of internet news groups for that!  :hug:

The art I posted called Big Boss was placed on the box for the Warhammer Invasion - The Chaos Moon expansion pack which was really awesome and was a pleasant surprise (I had only been told it would be for a card).  So thank you to whomever was behind that one!  I feel even more motivated to try harder on my next freelance opportunities.  

Lastly I launched a brand new website last month which took a lot of hard work to put together.  It was really important for me to hand paint all the user interface so that it was a total representation of myself.  I really hope you'll enjoy it and for anyone looking for some info on my process or just downloading my brushes please check out the 'Extras' section.  Here's the link:

As always, thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement.  I owe a lot to my fellow deviant artists!  :hug: :hug:

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Some of my local artist friends will be having a little sketch jam in Hollywood this Sunday from 3:00pm on.  If your in the area feel free to swing by!

What: Sketch Jam
When: December 12th Sunday
Why: Because I need to draw!!  =)

Hope to see you there.

P.S. Got a couple pieces selected for Exotique 6 and it's really cool being in there with so many amazing artists.  Be sure and check it out!
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It's been awhile since I wrote a journal entry so here goes....

First off, thank you everyone for your comments and encouragement!!!  The DA community has helped me stay inspired and motivated to create more art which is priceless really.  

Special thanks to archanN who recently suggested Major Arcana XX for DD.  That made my day and I thank you so much for that.  :tighthug:  Normally I would personally respond to every comment but I hope you all will accept this journal entry as my official thank you to everyone!

Jeff over at was nice enough to create a small write up on some of my work.  I want to give a shout out to him and encourage everyone to drop by his site.

Max over at has included me in his list of artists.  This was a huge honor and I thank him for letting me be a part of it.  Please drop by his site if you get a chance, there are some truly amazing artists on it!

I've been getting a good amount of questions regarding my plans for the tarot series I'm doing.   My plan is still to finish the Major Arcana with perhaps a couple little twists at the end (gasp).  I hope to exhibit the complete 22 pieces in local galleries for awhile.  After that only time will tell.

I wish everyone happy arting good health and as always thank you for the Llamas!!!  Until next time...


P.S. Thank you Swordsensei for the Premium Membership!!! You are THE man!
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Thank you for the Llamas friends!!!
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So.. the gallery went terrific!  I was able to meet so many cool people there, many of them great artists.  I sold a couple pieces and got re acquainted with some college buddies too.  Special thanks to David 'Kavika' Pursley for inviting me to show at his gallery space.  It wouldn't have been possible without him.  For anyone who is interested in going to the next one I will try and have info up here as soon as possible.  Happy arting friends!  <3
Hey everyone!  

I want to invite the locals over to the Kavika Works gallery.  I'll be there with some of my work on canvas prints February 20th starting at 7:00pm.

Make sure to catch some of the other talented artists showing at the gallery and I hope to see you there!  :)
Hey guys, I just wanted to say thank you to all the new favorites and followers I've recieved lately!  It's amazing how quickly stuff spreads haha.  If anyone is interested you can also follow me on my blog.  ""

Happy arting friends...

I finally created my Deviant Art account!  Here's a shout out to all my DA friends.  :)